Profession Types with High Risks

This great platform has been made accessible to everyone who considers it valuable to consult us, to this end, Dr. Angela Wilson has ensured to make herself available twenty-four seven, for as many as requested to be guided through this journey of life.

Achieving ultimate personal development can never be this easier, it’s ensuring that our clients(Followers of the Ultimate Self Mastery with DrAngela Wilson) are coached through comfort-ability means but according to each persons’  needs which makes the efficiency of mastery with destiny achievable.

The road to success is never smooth, its full of gallops and pitfalls, sometimes barriers, even each moment has its way of ushering one to success or attain set goals.

“Learning the knowledge from different masters don’t make magic change in our destiny. We have to earn it from the within.”

“Each of us is unique and others experience cannot replace your first-hand experience and practice. So be ready to work on Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson and you can accomplish top risk control, risk management and after crisis recovery  for the rest of your life.”


All work and no play makes the going tough, in essence, there is always need for unwinding, pleasure as well as relaxation.

Unwinding period is most enjoyed when spiced up by entertainment performers such as song artist, film superstars, comedians, show anchorman, athletes and perhaps models.

These performers are human just like we all; this which means they go through unpleasant situations of life, such as mental disorder, depression, emotional breakdown, addiction to sex or alcohol, drugs, unknown internal ailment and many more.

Most of the time we hear about their escapade and how they try to live a fake life to keep up with the standard they first portrayed to us. Also in the bid, if impressing audience, they take substances that would enhance high performance.

Once a step gets missing, the whole life may probably crumble, if not well managed.

Performers are front-runners; they seem to be the model of trendy things and activities.

The road to being a known performer is a very rough one, full of sacrifices, horrible experiences from people, unexpected challenges, anxiety and sometimes a kind of spiritual level up; this is same as keeping the status and remaining in the spotlight.

With this around them, sometimes they get their situations mismanaged; some keeps the situation to themselves and suffer in pain, or take unpleasant decisions like suicide or willful destruction of personal life and belongings.

A depressing death list of Performers includes River Phoenix. Actor, Stand by Me. Brittany Murphy. Actress, King of the Hill. Brandon Lee. Actor, The Crow. Brad Renfro. Actor, Ghost World. Heath Ledger. Actor, The Dark Knight. Jonathan Brandis. Actor, One Life to Live. Heather O’Rourke. Actress, Poltergeist. Corey Haim, Actor, the Lost Boys.

Performers are always filled with this on top of the world feeling; they have connections, they have money, fame, they get what the ordinary man may not get except by chance.

Entertainers are known to be involved in so many dirty and shady deals such as rape which results from addiction to sex and alcohol, drugs and the likes. These often form the basis on which many of them get doomed and fall.

Here are few samples: Hollywood Actor, Charlie Sheen was diagnosed with HIV, England Musician George Michale just died suddenly, England Comedian Robber William committed suicide, Hong Kong singer Queen Aita Mui-died of Cancer, Hong Kong Gong Fu Actor, Jacky Cheng-Son’s got doomed by the use of drugs. American Stage hypnotist Scott Lewis fell to his death from an apartment block in Sydney, Australia…. The list continues! 

Performers are humans; they deserve a better life. Dr. Angela Wilson, founder, and CEO of the Ultimate Self Mastery Academy has endeavored to help performers struggling in any area of life’s journey, to effectively imbibe the risk control antidote for result purposes through the academy’s high tech programs at hand.

Just like our computer system needs to get updated often and trouble-shoot to do away with associated risk control, to achieve a high-performance level, our internal mind need to be the overhaul to function well in whatever we do.

The wonderful risk control program Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson is designed to help performers like Actors, actress, comedian, speakers, musician, dancers, etc. experience freedom and breaking spells set against their destinies.

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