High-risk Professions With Overloaded Tension

The road to success is full of hurdles and barriers, in the entertainment industry, the obstacles and miracles are the daily routines. Creativity and temptation can trigger severe issues in one’s life journey.

Here are some samples: Hong Kong Gong Fu Actor Jacky Cheng-Son’s Drug issue, Hollywood Actor Charlie Sheen-HIV, England Musician George Michale-sudden death, England Comedian Robber William-suicidal, Hong Kong singer Queen Aita Mui-died of Cancer,  American Stage hypnotist Scott Lewis fell to his death from an apartment block in Sydney, Australia.  A depressing list of young death is River Phoenix. Actor, Stand by Me. Brittany Murphy. Actress, King of the Hill.Brandon Lee. Actor, The Crow. Brad Renfro. Actor, Ghost World. Heath Ledger. Actor, The Dark Knight. Jonathan Brandis. Actor, One Life to Live. Heather O’Rourke. Actress, Poltergeist. Corey Haim. Actor, The Lost Boys.

Business Owner & Investor

Business is often borne out of the idea of creating a solution for specific problems in a particular society.

It involves the bringing together of ideas and questions such as what are the basic needs or problems of the society I find myself, what can I offer them to get their issues solved, what are the essential needs who and who are my market?

Some other business owners come up with business idea formulated from their strength of resources alone, not thinking of the problem of the society, with these they think about where the market that fits could be situated and move there appropriately.

Business is all about risk prediction; it involves attempting to solve or provide basic needs irrespective of the closeness and readiness of those who need it(the buyer). A business owner or investor goes about predicting their product and service would be needed, this is a fifty-fifty chance.

In taking steps and decision relating to business, the business owner is the sole personality involve, he faces the stress of raising capital to meet up with demand, or requested supply. Few times some small firm bids for supply contracts from governmental ministries or bigger companies and wins the proposal, they are expected to make supply without initial deposit at this stage the investor or business owner bears it all, he encounters stress when facing millions and billions deal. A lot ruminates and revolves around his head, he wants to keep up with the standard expected and knows fully well, meeting up will help his business and business name grow in the right direction.

In the view of this many are times business owners take active steps to save their faces; they likely get overdraft or loan. These steps may become favourable or otherwise. If otherwise, it might lead the business into crisis.

A crisis is often a life-threatening moment in business coming with bad intentions like suicide, a crisis in business is never the end, but actions carried out by investors and business owners to embark on crisis recovery are what matters most, it may resuscitate or mar the business forever.

Business failure after every attempt of unsuccessful crisis recovery often creates grave and negative impact. Most of these situations set in when the business owner experiences depression when worrying bankruptcy.

In all of these, unpleasant situations, there is always a way out; there is no unique problem except special ignorance about how to handle issues.

One of the most exceptional ways of attending to these issues of life is meeting specialized experts like Dr. Angela Wilson who is a prominent one with vast experience on coaching business about handling issues in the journey of life.

Dr. Angela Wilson is a therapeutical coach who creates and teaches how to manage the internal world, fear, worry, anxiety, and depression when facing a business issue.

Dr. Wilson states some situations and issues of life such as physical emotional and mental breakdown may not be preventable in a certain condition, especially when not foreseen, yet it can be corrected.

As a holistic coaching with the background of therapy, counseling and healing, Dr. Angela Wilson runs a program titled ‘The Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson’ specially designed for ambitious businesses.

The program has been of immense positive effects helping business people shape and reshapes their life in the right direction.

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