Politician Can Handle Career Risk With Own Inner Power

Every government formation is made up of leaders; these leaders comprise of elected office holders, people selected based on recommendations or appointment and all that.

It is no gainsaying that every political setting is a gathering of people with strong willpower, always determined to attain power by laid down means and otherwise at other times. Each team is often known as a party.

Individuals in the political game are widely known and respected, as much as they create for themselves through whatever platform they found suitable and they often belong to.

In the bid of attaining power a lot of politicking takes place, some are worth celebration; while sometimes defeat is being managed and absorbed by parties involved. Every political party works their tactics through organized teamwork.

Winners today may not be winners forever, likewise losers, winners strive to maintain the height they are while losers want to change place, get the much-coveted power and become

famous and celebrated.

An active politician is a risk taker and a risk manager. The political game revolves around high risks, from risk assessment to risk prediction and then to risk management.

The ego that accompanies power and authority sometimes supersedes the level of maturity and how to manage oneself, a lot of top world leaders have faltered as a result of this, giving yield to trivial falls through sex addiction, drunkenness, lack of rest, drug addiction and abuse, ailment and diseases and the likes. This same ego and past glories push them in making a wrong risk assessment, and at the end of the tunnel, it leads to unwanted or an unavoidable stress.

Failures at elections have ways of creating emotional depression, worryhypertension and heart attack in some cases especially if stress management is not well handled.

Whatever the case may be, it should be noted that for every problem there is a solution.

Politicians are as active as a computer system; their brains work like a machine, the same way a machine could break down, they are likewise liable to unpredictable breakdown.

A breakdown of a major political bigwig may lower the expected output.

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