Direct Sell Business


  1. Evaluation and Analytics on whether direct sell business fits your personality, the need for personal development, what you need to update in personality covering the total nine angles.

  2. Build a strategy on how to integrate direct sell business into your life journey progressively without damaging current income, life pattern and build a smooth transition.

  3. Integrate direct sell business with your other income resource, like jobs, etc.

  4. Public speaking skill

  5. Make-up for stage, dressing, personality shifting based on the needs

  6. Stress control, management and energy expansion skill when needed

  7. Active passion for the products and business.

  8. Strong immune dealing with rejection

  9. Effective time management and Commit to this business

  10. Mind shifting and treat direct sell as a business

  11. Mindset for success in Direct sell

  12. Design Your ideal market and target audience based on your personality along the way.

  13. Design a marketing strategy based on your resources.

  14. Feel comfortable to be a sale person.

  15. Learn How to qualify prospects at a different stage

  16. Learn How to provide reasonable promising

  17. Learn how to earn money while having fun at different stage

  18. Skills on how to keep yourself outside the comfort zone

  19. Learn how to handle rejection questions comfortably at a different stage

  20. You will be able to get an epiphany on profit through internal message

  21. Shift your mind for sale at different scale alone the way

  22. Learn the skill not to bug family and friends

  23. Financial management along the way

  24. Skills on do remotely worldwide with expansion

  25. Dealing with the complicated relationships with ease

  26. Learn to notice prospects with your internal sense

  27. Learn how to create a web or blog

  28. Learn how to do video presentations, etc

  29. Learn the scripts on how to talk to prospects in different situations

  30. Create scripts on what to talk about based on situations

  31. Skills on how to get new leads

  32. Mindset on how to deal with risk

  33. Skills how to build your brand, authority, and influence

  34. Skills on how to coach team members

  35. Get inspiration easily

  36. Coach your team how to get inspiration from their inner world

  37. You can access unlimited success along with your practice

  38. Good Team management skill

  39. Always stay top of yourself for productivity

  40. Set up health check for a business plan and team management

  41. How to automate your business

  42. The best self-development can ensure your success within a deadline wanted

  43. You can become the leader you want based on the level of practice

  44. Mindset on how to keep top physical, emotional and mental health

  45. Mindset on how to handle intimacy and keep the balance

  46. Mindset on how to deal with children and family for lifelong positivity

  47. Mindset on How to deal with pitfalls and adversity

  48. Mindset on dealing with diverse for business success

  49. Mindset on alignment for life purpose at different stages in a life journey

  50. Mindset on the alignment between success and soul development and spirituality. How to active the energy through direct sell