Critical Moments-the 5 Stages

All of Lifetime Effort Will be in Vain If we end up with the physical or mental breakdown like Steve jobs, the previous Apple CEO, and Michael Treichl, An Austrian tycoon, an investment banker.

It is vital to terminate any internal suffering, that creates anxiety, depression, etc. One can rescue self from damage in business, career and personal life, though the structured nine angles of our life journey, success, leadership, Health, intimacy, parenting, Adversity, Diversity, life purpose, soul development. Otherwise, sooner or later, a tragic ending is a given.

Several critical moments can either enhance our internal power on self-mastery or drive us towards a sudden breakdown or a tragic ending eventually. Most of us spend time on a low effective practice which makes us “feel good” but may be useless when the vital circumstance occurs.

Prompt practice on ‘Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson’ can assist you to get the best result you can even dream.

Proactive Action

To weapon Ourselves the best we can is the key to deal with the uncertainty. The so-called “Sudden breakdown or tragic ending” phenomenon Never happen in a second and it usually has the seeds sometimes planted over decades and many factors can trigger it within a second.

The capability of Proactive instinct brings flexibility and adaptability, and it can be trained. Finding out the venerable aspects that can be easily triggered is the first step.

Designing an effective practice formula to enhance the immune in the nine angles is necessary. The dynamic measurement of the degree of strength and the backup plan for actions can ensure a quality result on staying on track.

Obstacle and pitfalls are part of human experience during lifetime, and

it is an excellent setup if we know how to make good use of the power brought.

We can use it to shift our emotional and physical control to a higher level stability and avoid life elimination through a tragic ending.

Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson assists you on the goal-setting with a tangible measurement.

Stage 1. Chronic Suffering

Chronic Suffering should Not be an accepted side-products of life experience which public takes it as a collective knowledge.

We tend to stay within our comfort zone, and pain usually is a driven force for our achievement. The marks of the suffering are very drained and frustrated, and It always triggers and leads achievers to a forced tragic ending.

The slow and long-last pain within one can manifest as the chronic physicalemotional and mental symptoms,  toxic relationship, the unsolved issue for ages, from personal life, career, and business.

It is the long-lasting contributor to a sudden breakdown and devastating, life-threatening scenario.

Without have it fixed equals carrying an untimed bomb for explosion anytime when it is ready.

Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr. Angela Wilson can only double your life quality with tangible outcome rather than getting frozen with the confusions and stress.

Stage 2. High-Performance Maintenance

High performance in any shape of forms can be a sign of over burning and a controllable and measurable use of own energy can give a higher score on avoiding a sudden breakdown or a tragic ending.

The uncontrollable high performance can create an enormous barrier to rehabilitation that requires aggressive and high effort to reverse. Without the knowledge and first-hand experience in the degree of reasonable action for both current need and future energy storage, one can mislead self to an unwanted breakdown or a sudden tragic ending.

Lower Performance can depress our energy and slow down our process of achieving stronger power on steering our life direction stability and ensure a better ending.

When facing up and down moment, we will be so weak not to be able to survive mentally, emotionally and physically. Healthy high performance is an art that allows one juggles between temporary, long-term and lifetime goals without getting lost.

Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson assist you on how to use your internal sources from birth and manifest it with high performance and productivity.


Like the car on the road and computer in function, we can also face the moment of breakdown. When overwhelmed pressure within reach the limitation of absorbing, it will trigger physical and mental symptoms.  Most of the case, we feel helpless even there are answers from internal world.

We feel numb with the internal response, and we react in an opposite way that we should be and accelerate the worsen process.

Most of the time, it is the case, as we lost the ability to sense the message.There is always the solution if we earn the skill from within. Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr. Angela Wilson can guard you for the best outcome you can even achieve.

The reverse function exists inside us. And we just need to learn how to trigger it at the right time. There are a variety of methods in practice in a different circumstance. Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson coaches on how to identify and act on the subtle and vital moment to when facing a breakdown.

Stage 4. Devastating Issues

Devastating issues come alone with sudden, severe physicalemotional sufferingbusinesscareer and personal life can be out of control overnight.

Living in a human world with self-centered nature, who tend to do the best for own interest can drive us into an unpredictable difficulty.

The more we desire to engage in this commercial world, the more completed situation or even tricks we can be stuck into.

Without practicing a skill set of retreat at any time, we live in the hell within; even we don’t like to describe like this.  The emotional suffering can be tremendous and long-lasting, which can influenced several generations. 

Keeping a Conscious wisdom in this complicated world requires the stable skill of self-mastery.

Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr. Angela Wilson with the 9+8 practice can bring your confidence back and live away from the suffering of worries, fear and the sense of uncertainty. Most importantly it can stabilize your business, career and personal life much easier. 

Stage 5. life-threatening Moments

Life-threatening moments can come from health issues, an accident or even as a victim in some circumstances. Thus the solutions differ.

Determined achievers usually hold strong willpower. When facing a life-threatening situation, few can see the hope from within and fall under the spell of destiny due to lack of the first-hand practice regularly at different levels.

When we are used to delegating responsibilities to others, we forget a fact that no way we can outsource our life to the external world.

Mastery of a result-effective skill can save one but not to destroy.

Practice makes perfect.

Grasping the technique in Ultimate self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson can leverage our sense of confidence and the forceful leadership from the within at the very moment.


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