• No mentors who dare to take life risk can lead and walk-You-through for the result. Integration of business, career and personal life into our internal world is a specific field that requires a coach with holistic knowledge related to the competitive world and also the intensive skill in the mind power too.
  • Working with the mind, the unknown field to the most is very risky. Most of the coaches of coaches fail to reach the top level due because of fear of unknown. Of course, it means there is some hidden blockage is not cleaned up properly.
  • We are conditioned to live in our comfort zone, so a particular technique is needed to remove the blockage and activate our willpower that works on risk management in life journey.  Without this essential step, it is so predictable that one will lose control in when a lousy twist happens in businesscareer and personal life.
  • It is always too late to take the correct action. Without conscious awareness, we are not able to foresee the tendency of a twist. Once facing the critical moments, our mind is taken by the fear, and one can easily lose the control. There is a minimum chance, that one can focus and understand the instruction on how to reserve and pursuit an effective crisis management.

 The Secret Behind 

At Global scale, those celebrities and top elites who have learned positive mindset, motivation, transformation, spirituality, etc. various personal development etc. Still, fail to save their lives at the critical moment, due to physical or mental breakdown like Steve jobs, the previous Apple CEO, and Michael Treichl, An Austrian tycoon, and investment banker.

Most techniques in the marketplace focus on depressing and hiding the blockage deeply enough so it would not show quickly and one can move on. This kind of feeling can mislead us to be opinionated and refused to face our real internal world at the bigger scale. When all conditions tick, the tragic ending is a given without even a chance to reverse.

However, to get the rooted causes removed, the mentor, the master needs to have the skill coaching not only the knowledge but also the safe formula to deal with the intangible energy realm, the deepest level of our consciousness.

Unfortunately, this is what the barrier that most coach, mentor, therapist, and healer are unable to conquer themselves. It means they don’t hold first-hand of experience dealing with unknown fear.

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