Board of Directors Can Take Control of Business

In recent years every organized unit with the mind of growing big does have a board of directors who govern and oversee the affairs of the organization.

Board of directors sometimes comprises of shareholders. They are stakeholders; they are in charge of overall decisions, giving approval and tasking the manager or CEO on objectives to be met.

Board of directors as the name implies means the office is full of responsibility, not just sitting at meetings with coffee, but working out models at which the organization must work with and succeed.

Members of the board are often occupied with one activity or the other, they hardly have time for personal things, except for few who are enlighten to schemes.

They are preoccupied with going through reports, preparing the speech or points to be delivered, making consultations and seeking what would suit the organization right.

Board of directors engages in different meeting for long durations with the mind of arriving at a decision that would bring nothing but the successful result. They fear when making critical decisions, this is why deliberations take longer than expected sometimes.

The paramount goal of the board of directors is always centered on avoiding the financial crisis. They never mind what degree of stress they need to go through to ensure financial crises are averted; it’s believed anxiety in the financial crisis is detrimental to their health.

Chronic internal sufferings due to overloaded tension on a daily basis are common traits of people on the board of directors.

To all intent, there is virtually no assignment without stress, but the way in which pressure is being managed matters.

Directors see business meetings as their life; they view it as the reason for existence, they see investments more dearly than other things at most times. The failure of an investment sometimes leads to their ugly end, few others who do not believe in suicide wallow in mental breakdown during the severe moments in business.

To get back ones feet after initial fall of a business, may not be easy but it’s possible, it may involve getting access to therapeutical and counseling sessions as well as following the listed concepts closely and practicing them.

The Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr. Angela Wilson is a unique one that would educate any board member on the fundamentals to follow smartly to avoid stress and maximize profits in investment.

Dr. Angela Wilson is widely known as a healing coach. ‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr. Angela Wilson’, the internal high-tech can easily handle different caliber of people with critical, life-threatening issues.

The good news is there is no hope for a negative result based on the nature of the technique.

Dr. Angela Wilson is on a mission of helping those contributors who aim to achieve the internal peace needed for high performance.

Achievers such as a board of directors can avoid the sense of struggling in any area of life’s journey, to imbibe the risk control antidote in achieving set business goals efficiently.


  • All kinds of personal improvement and potential development techniques make us very confused. We want to learn the techniques but eventually give up because it wastes so much time and energy, and we can’t experience and identify those techniques. Many blind-spots in life cannot be identified, anticipated and managed because of avoidance, which will force the direction of our lives to go out of the control due to some unexpected changes.
  • Most certified professional teachers can not maintain the purity of their energy field in this materialistic secular life, so naturally they don’t have the ability to tackle  different complex situations of different students, let alone instruct them.
  • Many contributed so much timewise or money without convincing result. Even there is doubt deep inside, they still choose to stay. This reluctant and conflicted attitude comes from the fear of mysterious power their master may have in control.
  • Religious practitioners and those who live in reclusion will not reveal the core points and principles of techniques that they know, and those techniques are limited with certain religion, so the energy field is also limited. They may even ask students or believers to get rid of carnal thoughts like themselves, which causes great conflicts with students’ lifestyle. Therefore, it obviously can not solve the practical problems.


If one wants to have life in control covering the extreme situation, a mentor with guts to risk own life and have done that is the insurance.

Take a proactive approach and have the deeply hidden blockage removed as earlier as possible.

Practise a sense of intuition with accuracy.

Find a simplified training system that allows the flexibility of adapting various situations with less effort.

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